The high quality of the hide and wooden raw materials and the careful treatment of the precious metals and fabrics guarantee the excellence of the collections, respecting the identity and style of each single Brand.

Historical fashion and luxury Brand-names work with us to study with our experts, stylists, craftsmen and designers the viability of a hide material, the drawing of a personalized article, the achievement of a prototype, the viability of an agreed product.

Our services: study, development and production of the models, from packaging to visual merchandising, up to the quality inspection of the finished product and logistics.

Upon request we can carry out small and large production. From single, personalized, handmade pieces to quantities for a fashion show or for a complete collection.

Company at the forefront of leather processing craft traditions with modern means of leather processing development and research in leather materials with creation of samples printing frame for Artisan Leather processing, for buttons, sails, eyelets custom initials of leather products for high fashion skiving machine for manufacturing high quality leather edges Research and manufacture of any kind of leather goods